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Take Your Physique To The Next Level With Science-Backed Diet And Training methods battle-tested by serious athletes

Ready To Stop Second-Guessing Your Diet And Programming?

At Goal Crusher we get you results. Period.
10+ Years Of Coaching Experience
51+ Competitions Won
2,554+ People Helped

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Create unmatched levels of momentum using the advantage of the #1 online fitness & nutrition coach in the world

Who Is Coach Nicko?

Nicko Dumadaug is an award-winning fitness coach and certified nutritionist by the International Sports Sciences Association

He was named one of the Top 10 Health And Fitness Industry Leaders by in 2023 by Apple News and received a full feature in Forbes for transforming thousands of lives in Goal Crusher Academy.

Are You Ready To Take Your Mind And Body To The Next Level?

Let me be honest with you.

If you're looking for a magic pill or fat-burning drug to avoid hard work and discipline... 

...then my program is NOT for you.

Quick fixes don't exist and if someone tells you otherwise...

They're lying to you.

Now if you want to lose fat & build muscle with battle-tested, science-backed steps...

If you want to be told exactly what to do in the gym to build a healthy body with more strength & energy

If you want flexible meal plans, with simple recipes and grocery lists tailored to what you like to eat & what your body needs

If you want to learn the 'why' behind what you're doing so you can keep fat off & stay lean year-round

If you want to be held accountable and be inspired to keep going when life gets in the way & motivation dwindles

Then you'll like my program, no gimmicks. Just results. Period.

But if you're someone who insists on the outdated, conventional route...

There was a time when I was 
skinny-fat and needed to...

Start Building Muscle

My biggest problem was I didn't know what food and exercises were right for my body.

Then after my 3 kids were born, I hit a
low point in my life where I really needed to...

Get Rid Of Excess Belly Fat

This time I knew what to do but the problem was how crazy my schedule had gotten, I needed more accountability.
So, that's why I created a complete, holistic program to solve those problems.

Goal Crusher is the #1 holistic program for building muscle and keeping fat off for good.

  • ​A Personalized Nutrition Plan that includes Reverse Dieting and Flexible Dieting Systems to speed up your metabolism, eat food you like and generate sustained energy!
  • Simple Recipes And Grocery Lists giving you exactly what to eat, when to eat & how much to eat to burn fat and keep it off for good!
  • ​A Personalized Workout Plan designed to fit your lifestyle, boost your energy and tell you exactly what to do to get stronger, build muscle and get rid of stubborn belly fat!
  • ​Unlimited Check-In Calls to hold you accountable, support you and motivate you through challenges & plateaus!
  • ​A Holistic Nutrition Course empowering you with everything you need to know about macros and flexible dieting so you can keep your results, stop "yo-yo dieting" and sustain a healthy lifestyle forever!
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Your future coach & nutritionist,
Nicko 💪
P.S. Goal Crusher Academy is NOT a "quick-fix" that relies on crash dieting for short-term results. 

Only apply if you're committed to developing healthy, sustainable habits that last a lifetime!

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"This is the biggest transformation I've had in my life. I've never felt more healthy. I've never felt more fit!"

- Kevin Kammeyer
Kevin Kammeyer | Goal Crusher Client

"I'm eating way more than I have ever imagined! Now I can match my son's energy!"

- Ola Ogunmuko
Ola Ogunmuko | Goal Crusher Client

"I feel really good and I have Goal Crusher to thank for that!"

Zack Clark | Goal Crusher Client

"I've never been so happy!"

Cassondra Wolf | Goal Crusher Client

"My blood pressure went down. I feel good about myself. My life changed."

- Christian Rocha
Christian Rocha | Goal Crusher Client

"I love the accountability! This has been the healthiest fitness journey I've been on thus far."

- Claudia Orellana
Claudia Orellana | Goal Crusher Client

"The nutrition's there. The training's there. The guidance is there."

Jacob Miller | Goal Crusher Client

"Now I train a lot more consistently than I ever have before!"

Tim Wu | Goal Crusher Client


Ready To Stop Second-Guessing Your Diet And Workouts?

Start breaking through plateaus and get into the best shape of your life as you use proven strategies to build strength, gain muscle, and increase overall physical health and performance

Start Seeing Results.

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